Membership Benefits

Clinician Directory

NAMFT members will have the option to be listed in the website’s directory. This directory is accessible by everyone for the purpose of referrals and networking.

Reduced Rates for Conferences

NAMFT provides excellent clinical training opportunities for systemic therapists. We typically host two major conferences a year; Spring & Fall.  NAMFT Members enjoy significant registration discounts.

Peer Support Consultations

NAMFT members are continually developing peer support groups in multiple locations to foster collaborative discussion of clinical and practice issues for systemic therapists.

In-person and Online Networking Opportunities

NAMFT members have multiple opportunities to network with other systemic therapists.  Whether it be in-person at our conferences or social events, or online through our members’ only forums – we are a community of open and collaborative systemic thinkers!

Free One Hour of Legal Consultations

Every mental health professional requires legal advice and guidance from time to time. NAMFT Members are eligible to one hour of free legal consultation with a health-care specialist attorney at law firm Erickson|Sederstrom and a 10% discount on subsequent legal services.

Legislative Information and Support

NAMFT has a rich history of successful legislative and advocacy work, that includes spearheading the inception and introduction of the independent mental health practice license (LIMHP). Our legislative chair continually monitors the State and Federal legislative landscapes for initiatives that may affect our profession.