Becoming a Supervisor

Approved Supervisor Designation

Marriage and Family Therapists may obtain the Approved Supervisor designation through the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).

Becoming an AAMFT Approved Supervisor involves three steps:

1. Prepare to Train
– Become an AAMFT Pre-Clinical Fellow or Clinical Fellow membership
– Identify an Approved Supervisor with at least 120 hours of post designation supervision experience as defined in their handbook to serve as a supervisor mentor
– Develop a plan for fulfilling the training requirements

2. Complete the Training Requirements: Regular or Doctoral Track
– Maintain AAMFT Pre-Clinical Fellow or Clinical Fellow membership
– Complete an AAMFT provided or pre-approved Fundamentals of MFT Supervision course
– Provide supervision to MFTs/trainees as described in the handbook while being supervised and guided by a mentor
– Complete the requirements for AAMFT Clinical Fellow membership and apply for this category of membership if not already an active Clinical Fellow.

3. Submit the Approved Supervision Application
– Complete and submit an application packet to AAMFT

For more information on becoming an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, visit AAMFT’s website here.

To access the AAMFT Approved Supervision Designation Standards Handbook, click here.